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AI-Powered Technlogy Integration with SGiMED!

AI-Powered Technlogy Integration with SGiMED!

Looking for a solution to reduce your consultation time while ensuring high patient satisfaction?

We believe that every clinic wants to provide accurate consultations with excellent patient experience and at the same time see more patients in the shortest time possible. But is that achievable?

In this September Newsletter, we are excited to share with you the latest integration we have with Ubie. This can potentially help you to speed up your consultation process, as well as helping you deduce the patients’ symptoms and medical conditions even more accurately and efficiently.

From this integration with the AI-Powered Preliminary Questionnaire, you can get automatically generated clinical notes to review before the consult along with a list of potential diseases for reference. Not only does it help save time spent manually typing the records, but it also allows you to have an engaging consultation with your patients, resulting in better patient satisfaction and return visits.

What are some of the benefits of leveraging this AI-Powered Questionnaire?

Greatly reducing CMS/EMR Documentation

Ubie instantly translates the result of the questionnaire into a doctor-friendly expression, which helps the doctors fill in their clinical records better.

Better Decision Support Information

Based on the results of the interview, Ubie displays up to 10 disease names for reference, which allows doctors to make better medical decisions for their patients.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

With Ubie, patients can communicate more appropriately by simply answering a smart questionnaire while waiting for their turn in the hospital/clinics.

Reduce time spent in the facility and waiting time

Conducting preliminary questionnaires on the Web reduces the time spent in the facility, and it comes in handy, especially during this pandemic.

Our goal at SG iMED is to constantly upgrade our solutions with the latest medical technology to help our clinics to increase higher productivity and better efficiency. With our team of Experienced In-House Developers & Dedicated Support team committed to helping, we have helped countless clinics & medical groups cope better during these trying times, by leveraging on our solutions.

Feel free to reach out to us if you are keen on this unique integration with Ubie!


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