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Benefits of a SmartCMS-enabled Clinic

Benefits of a SmartCMS-enabled Clinic

What is Clinic Management System (CMS)?

Clinic Management System (CMS) is a digital clinic management practice that helps doctors, nurses, and clinic assistants to keep track of patient information, appointments, prescriptions, manage their inventory, and more. CMS streamlines clinic operations, improving clinic efficiency and productivity so that doctors can provide quality care to their patients.

SGiMed’s CMS, Hummingbird E-clinic, is an all-rounded integrative platform with a wide range of solutions and services that can meet the needs of different clinics, whether for specialist practice, dental practice, general practice, or others. Hummingbird E-clinic consists of a systemised Electronic Management Record (EMR) system that organises information all in one place, allowing doctors and nurses to effortlessly search for the information they need.

What does it mean for your clinic to be SmartCMS-enabled?

The SmartCMS Programme was formed by IHiS to invite CMS providers to integrate with the public healthcare system. This programme enables the seamless exchange of information across clinics and the public healthcare system. SmartCMS seeks to benefit primary care providers and elevate patients’ healthcare experience.

Some of the public healthcare systems involved in this programme includes:

  • Community Health Assistance Scheme (CHAS)
  • Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP)
  • Screen for Life (SFL)
  • Communicable Diseases Live & Enhanced Surveillance (CDLENS), and more.

Why your clinic should be SmartCMS-enabled

Why your clinic should be SmartCMS-enabled

Ease of claims enquiry & submission

To combat the ageing population and the rise of chronic diseases, healthcare has become more affordable and accessible. Today, a variety of schemes are available for patients to make claims. For example, for elderly patients who are hesitant to go for healthcare screenings due to costs, the Screen for Life (SFL) scheme offers health screenings at $5 or less. While these are beneficial for patients, it becomes part of the clinics’ responsibility for making claims submissions on behalf of their patients.

Hummingbird E-clinic helps clinics easily manage these tasks, which may be tedious when done so manually. SGiMED is one of the top CMS providers in the Smart CMS programme. It allows claims enquiry and submission for all services in the CHAS bundle. This means that Hummingbird E-clinic can submit claims for a wider range of public healthcare systems to serve patients better. This is useful for doctors to provide the care needed, and for elderly patients who need to visit the doctor regularly for chronic disease follow-up.

Be connected to NEHR

National Electronic Health Records (NEHR) is a system that collects and summarises a patient’s health records when they visit a doctor. It allows healthcare providers to gain easy and direct access to patient health records. This way, healthcare providers can have a comprehensive understanding of patient medical information to provide better and safer care.

SmartCMS can help your clinic be part of the broader healthcare system as it supports NEHR. Hummingbird E-clinic is NEHR-ready so that you can contribute to the national healthcare ecosystem, which enables a better management of your patient’s care plans.

Preventive Care with SmartCMS

Preventive Care with SmartCMS

Apart from claims and clinic data submission, SmartCMS can help your clinic to be Healthier SG compliant. The Ministry of Health’s (MOH) Healthier SG approach aims to drive preventive health and early detection. This helps patients to age gracefully and stay out of the hospital, enabling a better quality of life.

Regular health check-ups are essential to prevent or delay the onset of illnesses. A 2019 report by Deloitte shows that the top 10 global causes of death are primarily related to unhealthy behaviours. The first on the list is ischemic heart disease, then followed by stroke. As people unknowingly adopt unhealthy behaviours, these illnesses can creep up on them and cause poor health. Early detection and high-risk intervention ensure that steps are taken toward good health. A 2021 report by Deloitte also states that follow-up can allow illnesses to be detected early. Hence, health screenings and follow-up care are important for preventive care.

Plus, a 2018 study conducted by Brown University’s School of Public Health found that patients remember only about 49% of decisions and recommendations made by doctors, whereas 15% of information may even be remembered incorrectly. Remembering medical or care plans prove to be a difficult task for patients. They may even return to clinics not based on their medical plan, which makes appointments or check-ups inefficient.

CMS helps clinics to adopt a proactive stance and help patients to take charge of their health. Hummingbird E-clinic consists of a wide variety of services that support preventive care measures. Our health screening service allows patients to enjoy shorter a paperless, optimised, fast, and convenient health screening process. Hummingbird E-clinic provides follow-up care for patients, where patients can view their reports and receive automated reminders based on their care plan.

Make sure your practice is SmartCMS-enabled

SmartCMS can help your clinic with:

  • Easier claims management
  • Contribute to national healthcare ecosystem via NEHR
  • Preventive care measures

As a SmartCMS-enabled system, Hummingbird E-clinic can reduce the workload for clinic staff and streamline clinic operations. You can help to provide better care and improve patient satisfaction by contributing to the NEHR system. Hummingbird E-clinic’s preventive care services can help your clinic to be Healthier SG compliant so that your clinic can remain at the forefront of healthcare.

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