How can a good CMS help you save cost?

Most clinics do have a Clinic-Management System(CMS), but do you know that having a good CMS is extremely important for clinics, as it can potentially help you save/retrieve costs that might potentially add up to hundreds/thousands in many instances in short span of a month!

Some of the many features that SGIMED offers that can help to “save cost”

Analytical Reporting - How is this useful or relevant to help clinics save cost?

Having a better analytical report is more than likely to help you save quite a sum of money every month/year. Why? Because SGiMED Hummingbird E-Clinic offers precise analytical reporting of your usage on drugs/services. With this, you can better negotiate with Drug vendors to purchase more and have better discounts.

On top of that, for clinics that offer aesthetics services, you can also track the patients’ usage on packages that your clinic offer. You can also easily churn out the report to see which is the services/packages that is more popular with your patients - This allows you to further tune your clinic operations towards catering even better services for your patients.

CRM Features - How is this useful or relevant to help clinics save cost?

Reminding patients to come for followup via email/SMS reminders is definitely important. Many of us are busy throughout our daily lives, and upon receiving gentle reminders via emails/SMS, patients will then remember their appointments/followups easily.

Furthermore, this can also increase patient retention for your clinic’s practice.

Consistent Improvement/ Integrations with SGiMED - How is this useful or relevant to help clinics save cost?

Over here at SGIMED, our team is consistently updating to keep up with technological advancements, as well as integrations with national requirements like CHAS/Medisave/PCN…

This way, you don’t have to worry that your system will “phase out” due to lack of improvements/ further integrations that require compliances with government programmes.

Seamless & Innovative platform - How is this useful or relevant to help clinics save cost?

With SGiMED, our platform allows users to reduce a lot of manual day to day work and reduce human errors. With that, your team can work even more efficiently and less human errors can be omitted in the process, thus increasing productivity!

Telemedicine that links with your CMS! - How is this useful or relevant to help clinics save cost?

With this, it allows the doctor to provide teleconsultation with your patients. Not only can you refer to your notes while doing a consultation with your patients, but you can also directly key in the notes as needed! Telemedicine not only allows doctors to provide additional patient care better but it can also help with patient retention!

In conclusion, a Clinic Management System should be able to help you deal with day-to-day operations with ease, as well as help you save cost!

When EHR software saves time, facilitates save money

The efficiency that EHR software provides makes it faster and easier for medical staff to get their work done. Patient records can be accessed from anywhere on any platform which significantly cuts down on time wasted going from one place to the next to transfer files. Providers can simply log in on a portable tablet or smartphone to access the information they need and then carry on with their day.

It also saves time on communications with patients. Staff can take a scheduled break to check all of their messages at once and respond to patients' questions, rather than facing repeated interruptions all day long through phone calls or drop-in visits. With staff able to focus on their tasks, they can comfortably increase their workloads or see more patients, bringing in additional funds for their organizations.

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Streamline physician work flow

Happy workers make successful workplaces, and it goes without saying that recent changes in healthcare have increased the administrative burden on clinicians. Helping them streamline their work flow will increase efficiencies and savings, says Jay Anders, MD, chief medical officer at Medicomp Systems, a medical device manufacturer and developer.

“Ask any physician now using an EHR and they would say their administrative burden has increased three-fold,” Anders says.

That’s why looking for EHR efficiency improvements is a good place to begin when seeking to reduce administrative costs. Physicians are more productive if they aren’t bogged down in the system, says Anders.

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What our users say

Configurable System

"We have tried a couple of systems, and none could really allow us to configure certain settings to each individual preferences of our practitioners. With SGiMED Hummingbird E-Clinic, our practitioners could easily create their own note templates, or simply share it with one another to better share our medical knowledge internally within our medical group."

Dr Lim Yeeu Kuang

Managing Director, Trinity Medical Clinic Group

Continuous Improvement

"SGiMED Hummingbird is constantly evolving and improving their system, which allows us as their customers to continue to enjoy up-to-date features that can ensure our clinic keep up to date in terms of medical technological needs."

Jolin Lim

Clinic Manager, Novena Cancer Centre

Good Customer Support Team

"The team at SGiMED is responsive in assisting us whenever we have issues, and their prompt response to resolve difficult problems that I have encountered."

Dr Lee Shirley

Director, Lee Family Clinic

Increase Efficiency/Productivity

"After rolling out Hummingbird E-Clinic system for our clinics, we noticed a huge increase in efficiency, making our group workflow's much more efficient and we can streamline our workflow for our staff better."

Kelly Tan

Clinic Manager, Rophi Clinic

User-Friendly & Intuitive System

"SGiMED Hummingbird is user-friendly and very intuitive. As compared to typical systems you can find out there, it was definitely a huge upgrade for my clinic's practice. And another very important plus point is their after-sales technical support, which is excellent."

Dr Amir Adhha

Director, Ar-Raudhah Medical Clinic & Surgery Pte Ltd

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