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Building a Successful Digital Transformation Roadmap for your Medical Practice

Building a Successful Digital Transformation Roadmap for your Medical Practice

SGiMED Hummingbird E-Clinic comprises many practical functionalities to help our clinics operate more efficiently, especially during tough times like COVID-19,

Many of our clinics have greatly benefitted from Hummingbird E-Clinic, which includes helping our clinics digitalize, go green by reducing paper records, and include staff efficiency with our intelligent features.

Start Going Digital with Our App!

Book An Appointment & Get A Queue Number – Reduce patients waiting physically in the clinic, by allowing them to use our app to get their Queue number and receive a notification when it is their turn from their app.

Teleconsult Your Patients Seamlessly – The Telemed Module allows you to do teleconsultation with your patients, and within your CMS, while the patients use the app!

Talk about the convenience of documentation of your EMR!

A System That Helps You Work Better!

Personalized Clinic Electrical Form – Forms for patients to fill up using their mobile devices!

Go Cashless – Using Dynamic QRCode to complete the payment swiftly.

Automate Your Appointment Reminders – Reduce no-shows for your clinics with an automated reminder sent out to your patients via SMS/Em

Review Lab Reports With Ease – Integrate your clinic with laboratory or radiology reports, right into your CMS. No more scanning of the reports manually! (HL7 and PDF are both available)

Online Booking – Allow your patients to book an appointment on their own, which allows the flexibility of patients to arrange their appointments accordingly to your availability.

Self-Registration – Patients can scan your unique clinic QR Code to self-register, help to save time for registration, as well as allowing patients to enter the correct information on their own!

MarketPlace – There are plenty of available integration services in the SGiMED Marketplace for you to subscribe to for free.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, you are more than welcome to send a request to our Support team. We will be more than happy to add your request for you as long as we can make your day better.

Additional Security Features to Protect Your Data

2FA Login – Additional authentication to ensure no one else can access your system!

Device Lock – Allow only approved devices to access your system. No more worries even if you go cloud-based!

Exciting Features Coming Up Our Clinics!

Encryption of documents/ Password Enabled Emails – Secure your email communication, in the event even if your staff sends important emails to the wrong patients.

Care Plan For Better Continuity Of Patient Care – Help our practitioners stay in touch with their own patients, especially useful for Chronic patients!

Want to know more about us? Send us your questions at and we will gladly assist you from there! We have migrated the majority of the systems in Singapore, and we will be more than happy to help you as well!


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