Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Onboard

SGiMED’s Hummingbird Clinic Management System (CMS) is quick to onboard with our fuss-free and seamless data migration process.

5 Simple Steps to Get Onboard:
1) Book a demo or contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can tailor to your practice’s needs and goals
2) Request for Demo Environment
3) Extract and export of your clinic data
4) Get you and your team trained by our IT experts
5) Go-live with on-site support

The migration process can typically take between 1 to 2 weeks. As there are various factors and considerations when migrating data into a new system, our team will need to assess your requirements to provide a more accurate time estimate.

We will do our best to ensure seamless data transition, with minimal system disruptions and downtime.

Software Trial

We provide a 14-day free trial of our Hummingbird Clinic Management System (CMS).

With a custom-fitted demo setup based on your data and practice needs, you can try firsthand the system features and functionalities to ensure you have the best suited CMS for your business.

General Enquiries

We are cybersecurity certified, and have in place robust data management and encryption tools to help keep your data secure and private.

  • Encrypted database storage and backups at rest using Amazon Key Management Service (KMS, AES-256).
  • Secure Socket Layer / Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) connections to encrypt data in transit.
  • Penetration Test, Source Code Review and host configuration certified by CREST Registered Third Party vendor.

SGiMED’s Hummingbird Clinic Management System (CMS) is a Gold [Tier 1] participant of Singapore’s SmartCMS Programme, in line with the Ministry of Health’s Healthier SG initiative.

Our system is fully-integrated with the NEHR, and supports the seamless integration flow between clinics and the public healthcare systems.