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Guide to a Healthier SG-compatible CMS with SGiMED’s Hummingbird

Digital enablement is important for your seamless transition and participation in the Healthier SG (HSG) Programme. Having the right IT platform is key for necessary medical information to flow between you, the different providers and with the Ministry of Health (MOH).

All Family Doctors onboard the national programme are required to use a HSG-compatible Clinic Management System (CMS) within a year from launch of HSG enrolment [July 2023].

Find out why SGiMED’s Hummingbird™ CMS is the clear choice for you today!

SGiMED - Your Ideal SmartCMS Partner Compatible For Healthier SG

Why Choose SGiMED Hummingbird CMS?

We offer future-ready solutions that are customisable for your practice to venture into new possibilities and stay ahead in the healthcare sector. Our comprehensive end-to-end system is seamless and automated to bridge communication easily between patients, doctors, and public healthcare systems.

  • CUSTOMISED and FLEXIBLE System Design Suited for Any Clinic

Our CMS is designed to match YOUR business, YOUR workflow, and YOUR needs. We will work closely with your team to understand the requirements and advise the best practice for optimising your processes.

  • ACCURATE AND SEAMLESS Experience with Healthcare Systems

Achieve optimal efficiency with our all-rounded integrative platform, which provides easy alignment and engagement for government programs and insurance sectors. Hummingbird is compliant with the MOH’s regulations for HSG-compatible CMS.

  • Ease of Submission for PCN

The PCN module allows you to keep track of your patient’s records and is exactly what you will need to submit to your PCN group, helping you save time and energy.

  • The only CMS with EMBEDDED 360° Integrated Telemed Services

Experience automated end-to-end services on our integrated platform, which brings convenience for both doctors and patients.

  • Efficient and Integrated DRUG INVENTORY SYSTEM

Easy monitoring of drug inventory with a comprehensive inventory system that reduces manual data entry, facilitates the process of orders and drug interactions, and helps to maintain various levels of inventory with multiple batch control.

  • Autonomy Over Your DATA with Access Anytime Anywhere

Have autonomy over your data, with a robust and secure patient data management system that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

  • Impeccable Integrated CUSTOMER SERVICE

The only SmartCMS with easy and interactive customer support. Our dedicated service support team will ensure that all your questions and issues are timely addressed.

  • Winning Reputation with Positive Client TESTIMONIALS

Remarkable and credible endorsements from all clients that we served.

  • Competent and Experienced PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT TEAM

Our dedicated team of more than 20 in-house development experts have a high average of 14 years of developmental experience. We are here to help your practice succeed with our game-changing solutions.


Key Features of our Gold (Tier 1) SmartCMS

SGiMED’s Hummingbird CMS is a Gold (Tier 1) participant of Singapore’s SmartCMS Programme. Our system is fully-integrated with the public healthcare systems and programmes such as CHAS and PHPC, and supports the seamless integration flow between clinics and the public healthcare systems.

Healthier SG Requirements


SGiMED’s Hummingbird CMS



CHAS Programme Bundle


Contribute Data To NEHR


Fulfilled data portability standards*


Certified by 3rd party assessor for baseline cybersecurity requirements*


Integrated with SmartCMS & core HSG web-services*


(*Item is on track with Healthier SG Progress)

For Your Practice

For Your Patients

Direct Insurance Claim

Singpass Self-Registration

Embedded Tele-Consult System


Easy QR Upload

for Medical Record

Online Booking for Consult

Lab Report

E-Order Integration

Remote Queues

Integrated Billing System


Accurate Seamless

PCN Submission

…and more.


Customer Service


Switching to SGiMED Hummingbird CMS

5 Simple Steps to Get Onboard

Simply follow these 5 Simple Steps to Get Onboard:

  • Book a demo or contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can tailor to your practice’s needs and goals

  • Request for Demo Environment

  • Extract and export of your clinic data

  • Get you and your team trained by our IT experts

  • Go-live with on-site support

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