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How SGiMED can make it easy for your clinic to do followups?

How SGiMED can make it easy for your clinic to do followups?

One of our upcoming features that we will be rolling out for all our clinics is a feature that was highly requested from our clinics.

What is this “feature” that every clinic will benefit from?

Patient Care Dashboard to help you monitor tasks/appointments for further patient care/treatments for your patients.

Besides being able to send out Appointment Reminders via Emails/SMS from our system, we also came up with the Patient Care Dashboard to help our clinic better.

Reminders to patients via SMS/Reminders might often get ignored/missed out by your patients from time to time, therefore it is extremely important to have a list of follow up actions that needs to be done.

Especially for clinics that handle a lot of chronic patients/ aesthetic treatment patients. It will very helpful when the dashboard comes into the picture for the clinic, as it helps the clinic monitor the follow-ups with the patients promptly, not only can this help the clinic provide better traceability for future appointments, but it also helps the clinic build an even better rapport with the patients.

Here is a sneak peek of what our task list can offer:

1. Better Scheduling and Ownership of your Clinic Operations – Different patients can be assigned to different staff in the clinic for different types of task. This helps to allow your team in the clinic to better their workflow in the clinic. For e.g, if Clinic staff A is on MC, if this matter is supposed to be done by her, another staff can help to assist this matter while she is away.

2. Increase Patient Retention and Improve Patient-Clinic Relationship – Helps to remind users of the upcoming appointments and the action to be done to help the clinic get their patients back timely to the clinic for their regularly chronic visit follow-up/ aesthetic procedures.

3. Gather Constructive Feedback from Patients – Have an action for your staff to do for the patients for further followups. (Such as surveys). This can greatly help you better improve the patient service standards for the clinic.

With these features, not only can the clinic improve their workflow, but it also helps the clinic maintain good rapport with the patients, and by improving and gathering constructive feedback from patients, it can better help you adjust and tune your operations!

This is just one of the many features we are adding along the way, with even more great features for our clinics to leverage on! If you want to find out more about how we can help you with your existing/new practice, simply click here to request a demo right away!

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