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How To Prevent COVID-19 Transmission In Your Clinic & Keep Your Patients & Staff Safe

How To Prevent COVID-19 Transmission In Your Clinic & Keep Your Patients & Staff Safe

As stricter measures are being implemented across the country, we believe that many of the clinics have changed the way they operate in the clinics, be it implementing new features in place like using Teleconsult to continue to help combat this situation while providing still providing the same amount of patient care towards the clinic.

In this May Newsletter, we would like to share with you some of the features that our system has, that our clinics have been applying to their clinic operations, to help you prevent the transmission of the virus in your clinic, plus keep your staff and patients safe!

Adjust the way your clinic delivers Healthcare Services while keeping operations running as per usual

1. Teleconsultation Module – This feature has been one of the most used solutions that our platform has provided, and after implementing this feature, many of our clinics can continue providing remote care to their patients.

Being able to review your patient’s lab reports or even continue to dispense medications for your eligible chronic patients with our system, you can continue to provide care for your patients, while reducing the need for patients to come to the clinic.

Minimizing Possible Virus Transmission amongst patients and your staff, and to Minimise Queues in your clinic.

2. Get Queue Number & Appointment Module – With the Get Queue Feature which SGIMED app offers, patients can use it to know what the current queue number is, before physically dropping by to the clinic to have their consultation. This helps to reduce the need for patients to wait inside the clinic.

Protect Medical Staff & Patients by Reducing unnecessary Contact during Registration.

3. Self-Registration with SingPass-Integration – If patients are required to physically visit your clinic, by using our Self-Registration module, patients will only need to perform a few clicks from their own mobile device to auto-fill in the information by retrieving their details from Singpass.

Alternatively, you can also send them in advance via email/text for them to register before reaching the clinic.

This can help to reduce unnecessary contact between the staff and the patients while doing registration. (For e.g Handling over ICs to the staff from the patients).

Avoid the Hassle of having patients fill up paper forms by going Paperless!

4. Questionnaire Module – Having QR Questionnaires in place in your clinic can help you reduce the need for paper wastage; it can also help to reduce patients having to have physical contact with the clinic’s stationaries to fill up these forms.

Lessen the risk of transmission by using Cashless Payments

5. Embed Paynow QR Code – To allow you to send an email to your patients to scan your clinic Paynow QR Code to pay the amount reflected on the invoice to avoid paying the wrong amount.

Not only that, but it also helps to reduce the need of handling the cash/cards between the patients and your front desk staff!

Last but not least, SGiMED Hummingbird E-Clinic is a flexible solution platform backed up a team of competent In-House Developers & Dedicated Support team committed to helping you cope better by leveraging on our solution and better manage your clinic during these trying times.

With that, we hope everyone stays safe and vigilant!


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