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Is It Possible To Run A Seamless Virtual Clinic Experience For Your Patients?

Is It Possible To Run A Seamless Virtual Clinic Experience For Your Patients?

We have received quite a lot of questions with regards to how you can run a virtual clinic, and here’s what we can help you with, to allow your patients to have a more robust and well-planned teleconsultation journey!

What are some of the services you can offer with SGIMED’s Hummingbird to run a Virtual Clinic practice?

By doing your teleconsultation on our integrated platform, it allows you to directly do a teleconsultation with your patient directly from our CMS. Not only that, you are to do the following things with our solutions:

  • Define your own price
  • Define how long are you going to see your patients
  • Use your own drugs from your physical clinic
  • Not sharing data to another system
  • Get the medications delivered to your patients’ doorstep.

Below are some of the other examples you can offer for your patients to help you bring your virtual clinic experience to them.

1) Teleconsult for overseas patients

Consultations with your patients overseas can also be easy, a simple link and Viola! You can connect with your patients in seconds.

2) Home Care Telemed

Are patients unable to turn up at the clinic for their regular follow-up visits?

With our intuitive teleconsultation, you can continue to provide your regular home visit follow-ups with just a few simple clicks. Making your patient feel cared for is what we want to help you with.

3) Remote Monitoring

Integration with external devices such as smartwatches, which will allow you to be able to electronically transmit information between your patients back to your system, which helps you to be able to provide more precise and robust patient care.

Why use SGiMED Hummingbird’s features to run your virtual clinic practice?

We believe that the clinic should have the power to decide what they want and how they want their teleconsultation should be. We also understand that many of our users have concerns and dislike the hassle to key in their medical notes on the different platforms.

Therefore, we are constantly implementing and integrating with platforms to ensure the clinic has full control over the cost of how much they want to bill for their teleconsultation, along with being able to also dispense the medications from their clinic, instead of having to rely on external pharmacies for that matter.

If you are keen to find out how you can cope better in the clinic, feel free to reach out to us by clicking here.

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