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Manage your Clinic's To-Dos anytime, anywhere!

Manage your Clinic’s To-Dos anytime, anywhere!

Sometimes, the load for a clinic can get extremely overwhelming, especially during this pandemic. What’s worse is you start forgetting the important things that need to be done, which can result in missing the follow-up with patients, or even missing out on billing claims for your clinic.

The benefits of having “to-do” lists or settings can be used to capture and track patient care plan items, supporting daily workflow and collaborative patient management continuity across care transitions.

Writing down a to-do list takes just a minute and saves you more time than that. By creating a clear (and realistic) plan for what needs to be done helps you and your team tackle the operations, which eventually helps you have much smoother and efficient operations within your team.

The payoff: lesser stress for everyone and you will have more time to provide better care for your patients!

Here are some benefits you can get by utilizing our To-Do List Feature & Team Collaboration Dashboard:

1) Easier Handover of Tasks

As most clinics have staff and doctors working different shifts, having an organized To-Do List helps everyone keep track of critical tasks. A proper To-Do List helps the clinic have a better handover to the team for the different shifts.

2) Improved Productivity and Better Time-Management

With a To-do list in place, it can also help to improve the productivity of the team in the clinic. As tasks are recorded down accordingly and removed after completion, doctors are in control of what is going on in the clinic, and this helps the doctors to be able to put more focus on providing further patient care to their patients.

3) Avoid “Dropping-the-ball”

Having a To-do list also helps to remind one another, so that everyone can help to keep track of the things that need to be done for the clinic, or for the patients. You wouldn’t want the patients to be calling you every few days just to remind you that you have forgotten to call them for their medical reports or follow-ups!

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