Medical / Radiology Centre

Deliver a seamless patient experience, with access to key information you need at your fingertips. Boost your practice with our custom-built solution.

SGiMED’s Hummingbird – The Smart Choice for Your Medical Centre

SGiMED’s Hummingbird Clinic Management System is designed to help simplify, streamline, and grow your practice. With our specially tailored combination of modular solutions, it is everything Medical Centres need in a clinic management software and more.

Experience the power of SGiMED and level up your Medical Centre today!

SGiMED Patient Health Management

Patient Health Management

SGiMED Hummingbird - Data Management

Data Management

SGiMED Hummingbird - System Integrations

System Integrations

SGiMED Hummingbird - Enhanced Support

Enhanced Support

SGiMED - Patient E-Services

Patient E-Services

Patient Health Management

Complete EMR for your Medical Centre

Automate and simplify clinical workflows for more efficient care delivery. View patient data, configure medical notes, dispense treatments, assign follow-ups and more in one single integrated platform.

Record key medical information and create notes with ease, using our comprehensive list of questionnaires – all tailored for your Medical Centre.

Customisable Digital Consent Forms

Improve patient experience and save on consultation time, with customisable digital consent forms that can be reviewed and filled up remotely by patients before their scheduled appointment.

Integrated Health Report Generation

Create clear and comprehensive reports highlighting key health indicators, test results, and treatment progress.

Health Report for Individual:

Generates personalised report on an individual patient’s health data. Patients are empowered to proactively manage their well-being and make informed health decisions.

Health Report for Organisations:

Generates comprehensive report on aggregated health data for entire organisations. Helps provide valuable key insights into a company’s overall health profile to better guide targeted interventions and wellness programs.

System Integrations

Seamless Referral Management

Harmonise the referral workflow for your Medical Centre / Radiology Centre with our centralised system. Ensure seamless tracking of referral patients and their care needs, as well as manage billing and commission payment, across your various referral channels and partners.

Build in machine and system integration allows your practice to link up with services of your choice, including X-Ray, Ultrasound and Laboratories. Directly send requests, order tests, receive results, and access reports – all in one place.

Elevate your patient experience by keep them informed on their appointment and queue status. With in-clinic queue status display, remote queue system and automated reminders, your patients will enjoy a more comfortable check-in and waiting process.

Patient E-Services

Patient-centred Appointment Management

Take control of your practice’s appointment scheduling and management with ease. Organise your appointments and streamline the booking process using our smart scheduling solution.

Data Management

Enjoy Practice Success with Business Insights

Harness the power of data to understand your business performance and get the answers you need to optimise operations and grow your medical centre. Create custom dashboards, analyse trends, and set targets with ease.

Assured Data Security & Autonomy

Keep your data secure and protected with our end-to-end system encryption and SSL certificates. Have autonomy over your data, with a robust patient data management system that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Reliable Data Backups

With multiple cloud backups, automated syncing, scheduled configurations, and availability of offline downloads, SGiMED safeguards your data against any potential loss or disruptions.

Enhanced Support

Impeccable Integrated Customer Service

Easy and interactive customer support. Our dedicated service support team will ensure that all your questions and issues are timely addressed.

Hummingbird E-Clinic Platform

Hummingbird E-Clinic Platform is a fully integrated practice management solution.

We understand that every healthcare provider is unique. That’s why we built a configurable system that puts you in control.

Experience the freedom to mix and match from our diverse set of modules, personalise your user interface, or even collaborate with us on adapting new functions for your unique needs.

Discover the power of customisation with SGiMED’s Hummingbird, and see how our comprehensive modular solutions can help your Practice succeed!