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QR Code: How can it help you in your healthcare practice?

QR Code: How can it help you in your healthcare practice?

“QR code, or quick response code, refers to a square grid of smaller black and white squares containing encoded data that is designed to be optically scanned, as to provide information about a product or service.”

We believe many of you are extremely familiar with the QR Code, especially even since the pandemic outbreak, scanning of QR codes when you enter any premises is made mandatory. It has become a norm for most people with a smartphone to take out their phones to scan QR codes.

In this September Newsletter, we will be talking about some of the features we have in our Hummingbird E-clinic that uses QR Code to help our clinics in different ways:

1) Unique QR Code for each patient – Allows you to conveniently upload pictures or documents sent by your patients into their patient profile by scanning their unique QR Code!

2) Self Registration via QR-Code – Help your patients and your staff save time, by sending them a QR code for them to self-register! A Win-win for both!

3) QR Code on your invoice – Simply attach your clinic Paynow QR Code onto your invoice and email it to your patients!

Above are just some of the features SGiMED’s Hummingbird E-Clinic offers.

If you would like to explore the abundance of intuitive and useful features that we can offer to your clinic, just click here to find out more!

Here are some articles of how implementing the QR Code can help make a difference in this modern day era.

QR Codes in healthcare: An element of difference

QR Codes in healthcare: An element of difference

Most healthcare systems still rely heavily on traditional procedures when it comes to patient identification, form filling, billing methods, and transparency.

The medical field is constantly trying and experimenting with the latest technology to help combat illnesses and find a detrimental solution rather swiftly.

QR Codes in healthcare can benefit the medical field like none other. QR Codes can replace the old paper-based management system, reduce error levels, and track medication in a rather hassle-free way.

Deploying QR Codes in healthcare will also save hospitals and medical colleges a huge chunk of resources since QR Codes (Dynamic QR Codes) can be edited, analysed, and tracked to help patients.

In an era where everyone is equipped with smartphones, incorporating QR Codes in healthcare only makes sense.

(Source: Apoorva Hegde,May 27, 2020)

QR Code in Medical Clinics

QR Code in Medical Clinics

Just like hospitals, medical clinics and doctors with independent practices can also benefit from QR codes.

You can link QR codes with your health management information system to streamline workflow and save time. The same can also be used to provide patient education and offer information about your services and procedures.

You can place QR codes on prescriptions, medical records, lab results and anywhere patients need more information.

QR codes can also be made to store information on doctors, their availability and specialties. This way, your patients don’t have to keep calling for scheduling appointments.

(Source: Shailendra Sinhasane , August 28, 2019)

Benefits of using QR Codes

Benefits of using QR Codes

QR code comes with several benefits that help you to reach out to all your potential customers. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Instant Payments

One of the biggest advantages of using QR codes is that it facilitates instant payment. Making payment via QR codes is extremely quick as compared to other modes of payment. All a user has to do is simply open the QR code scan app, scan the QR code, and confirm to process the payment. Within a few seconds, the payments are made.

Top Grade Security

Making payments via QR codes is very secure. It’s because the QR code is nothing but just a tool that is used to exchange information. Any data which is transferred via QR codes is encrypted thus making the payment foolproof secure.

(Source: Nikunj Gundaniya)

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