An integrated platform that brings convenience to patients and doctors

Integrated Platform

Our telemedicine application is integrated with our Hummingbird E-Clinic.

Therefore, doctors can still use Hummingbird E-clinic to do a tele consult with their patients, who will be using their mobile devices.

Additional Communication Tool Between Doctors and Patients

Our app offers better communication between the clinic and the patients, as both parties can upload and send documents during the consultation.

Better Documentation of Patient Notes

Since the doctors can use the CMS to do the tele consult with patients, better documentation and reference to past medical records is easily accessible, allowing you to continue providing detailed patient care, similar to a physical consultation.

Additional Patient Care for Chronic Patients

What sets us apart is that we allow doctors to utilize SMARTCMS, allowing them to do CDMP claims for patients.

This is especially useful for both the doctors, who can still provide the care needed, as well as their elderly patients who still need to visit doctors from time to time for their chronic diseases follow-up.

Get Queue Number with SGiMED App

SGiMED Telemed App also allows patients to get their queue number online, if they want to see a physical consultation at the clinic.

This way, they can save time by not having to wait at the clinic for the consultation!

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What our users say

Configurable System

"We have tried a couple of systems, and none could really allow us to configure certain settings to each individual preferences of our practitioners. With SGiMED Hummingbird E-Clinic, our practitioners could easily create their own note templates, or simply share it with one another to better share our medical knowledge internally within our medical group."

Dr Lim Yeeu Kuang

Managing Director, Trinity Medical Clinic Group

Continuous Improvement

"SGiMED Hummingbird is constantly evolving and improving their system, which allows us as their customers to continue to enjoy up-to-date features that can ensure our clinic keep up to date in terms of medical technological needs."

Jolin Lim

Clinic Manager, Novena Cancer Centre

Good Customer Support Team

"The team at SGiMED is responsive in assisting us whenever we have issues, and their prompt response to resolve difficult problems that I have encountered."

Dr Lee Shirley

Director, Lee Family Clinic

Increase Efficiency/Productivity

"After rolling out Hummingbird E-Clinic system for our clinics, we noticed a huge increase in efficiency, making our group workflow's much more efficient and we can streamline our workflow for our staff better."

Kelly Tan

Clinic Manager, Rophi Clinic

User-Friendly & Intuitive System

"SGiMED Hummingbird is user-friendly and very intuitive. As compared to typical systems you can find out there, it was definitely a huge upgrade for my clinic's practice. And another very important plus point is their after-sales technical support, which is excellent."

Dr Amir Adhha

Director, Ar-Raudhah Medical Clinic & Surgery Pte Ltd

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