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Spookiest encounters that might have happened to you and your clinic !

Spookiest encounters that might have happened to you and your clinic !

Halloween is just right around the corner and we would like to share with you some of the stories that we have heard or encounter that can be spookier than in the spooky festival that might have happened to you.

As many of the clinics nowadays has moved on to Cloud-based clinic management system. We have heard some of the events that our existing clinics and customers that have shared with us for their bad experience with past clinic software vendors.

Below are some of the stories shared to us by our customers and friends!

Being held a “Data Hostage”

Being held a “Data Hostage”

You can probably infer from the title of this topic.

Basically, being threatened by your existing clinic software vendor over a sum of money that you need to pay upfront to get back a copy of your data, which doesn’t make sense to a lot of people.

First and foremost, the data is owned by you, and therefore there should not be a need to pay a hefty sum just to get a full copy of your database.

Secondly, by doing so, your existing vendor can stop you from migrating over to another vendor, making it extremely difficult for you to move over to a better software vendor.

There are some cases whereby there’s a need to take 2 ~ 3 months for data export, which is unreasonable for the clinics, especially if they wish to move on to a better vendor ….

How we do it over at SGiMED and how we assist customers on this?

Over at SGiMED, we strongly believe that the data is owned by our customer.

If they wish to migrate over to another vendor, it is our duty to export this database to assist them by helping our customer export a copy for them to do a data migration.

This will be done at a reasonable timeline for our clinics to move on to a new vendor if they wish to, and exporting the database shall not be done at a cost.

Therefore, we suggest that you should always make sure that you check with your vendor before you sign up with them. As you would not want to be another victim of “data hostage”.

Your own data being “monetized” by your vendors.

Your own data being “monetized” by your vendors.

This can also be an extremely scary thing, because you “not knowingly” agree to your data being sold, and you cannot do anything about it as you have agreed to those “terms and conditions” when you use their software.

It is always crucial and important to at least ask or read the terms and conditions of your existing vendor.

What’s scarier is that your vendor might be playing with tricks and wordings that you might not even notice, such as using words like anonymising your data for their own benefits.

What do we do over at SGiMED and what separates us from other vendors?

One thing for sure, we never sell our customers’ data for our own profit.

We always believe that data belongs to our clinics and there should not be any instance where we use this information for our personal gains.

That is one of the reasons why our customers trust us and prefer to use our system, especially for medical groups and multi-branch clinics!

Therefore, we suggest that you should read up the terms and conditions of your vendor before you sign up with them.

Being in the “stone age” & still relying on pen and paper.

One of the “scarier things” that you might encounter is that when your clinic is still on the “pen and paper” kind of operations. Especially during this period whereby there are a lot more things to “catch up” on.

If you are providing a lot of services in your clinics which already have integrations widely available, you definitely need to leverage on them by using a cloud-based clinic management software.

Some of the integrations mentioned are essential nowadays in this digital era for clinics, For e.g. Integration for MOH requirements and compliances, integration with payment with banks, integration with labs for your lab results/ radiology results or even insurance submission in the future.

Although pen and paper may seem feasible since your clinic has been operating for many years, with the constant updates along the years to come. There is definitely a need to start using a clinic solution that can help you better overcome these challenges that you will face in the future.

What we do this over at SGiMED and how we assist our customers with this?

We have helped a handful of clinics that went from pen and paper to “paperless” with our system as well.

With our convenient scanning features like QR Upload/Direct upload from hardware, our customers can then easily scan and upload the documents into the system.

So, you can reduce the usage of paper records and also save space in the clinic. Which can get extremely cluttered and hard to manage over time.

On top of that, being able to digitalise your work with the help of the system will definitely benefit you in the long run, and it also allows you to keep up with the constant change, especially in the current era of the medical domain!

Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.” – Walt Disney

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