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What can you benefit from using SGiMED?

What can you benefit from using SGiMED?

After our January Newsletter was launched, many of the clinics have been enquiring about us.

To address these questions, we will be sharing with you some of the things that we do before hop on with us, and some of the things they get to experience, after using our solutions.

1) Understanding Your Pains and Eliminating Them – We sit down with you to better understand what are the unpleasant things that you have experienced with your previous vendor.

From there, we will discuss and share with you what can be done on our solution that can better help you and avoid the past unpleasant issues that you may have encountered.

2) Improved Clinic Efficiency – Our Clinics get to leverage on many of our readily available features in our system, to better manage their current workflow, not only that, they see the improvement to many things that they were required to do manually previously with their old vendors.

3) Better Understand Your Clinic’s Health – With detailed analytic reports that you can utilise to better understand your clinic’s financial health.

Not only that, our clinics can better tune their operations and save costs for these reports!

4) Consolidated Group Management – With SGiMED Hummingbird E-Clinic, you can now control your clinics with ease, with our robust HQ module.

Most of the medical groups have greatly benefitted from this feature, which allows them to configure and apply settings such as price schemes or even doctor templates etc across all branches.

5) Customised Capacity and Capability – With our very own in-house developers, we have helped countless medical groups/clinics come up with unique solutions to help them eliminate issues that they couldn’t solve with their old systems, but with a cost that is relatively reasonable as compared to other vendors in the market.

Above are some of the plus pointers that clinics/medical groups get to benefit from choosing us.

At SGiMED, we always believe your existing pain points can all be resolved with our software and services! Plus, we have migrated all major systems in Singapore, you name it, we have done it, therefore you do not have to worry about any migration-related issues! )

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