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What Is A Virtual Clinic & How Can You Benefit From It ?

What Is A Virtual Clinic & How Can You Benefit From It ?

What is a Virtual Clinic?

A virtual clinic is a fully digitalized environment created by health care practitioners for the purpose of providing clinical services include advising, consultation, diagnosis, or giving prescriptions for medications to their patients.

It may refer to video and voice calls or video conferencing. A true virtual clinic allows you to provide a face-to-face and trustworthy connection between you and your patients, and to also offer better health care services.

It has also become increasingly popular amongst most people, whereby the usage of smart devices to do video conferencing is no longer an unusual behaviour.

Advantages of running a Virtual Clinic with SGiMED’s Hummingbird.

Reduce costs

Running virtual clinic services are more economical in comparison to real clinics.

Saves time for both you and your patients.

By offering virtual clinic services to your patients, not only can you help save time for your patient, such as traveling time and waiting time in the clinic, you can also save

Easy access

Our platform presents reliable accessibility to patients for patients that might not be able to visit your clinic physically, due to physical inconvenience or discomfort. But that also means that your patients can have access to your professional consultation whenever they need it.

Set your desired cost

By running a virtual clinic with us, you do not need to limit yourself to external Telemed providers, you can decide and set things the way you want it, such as your own consultation rates, the pricing for your own medications.

Running a virtual clinic is the opportunity to make telehealth come true. It has also increasingly become more essential for your clinic to have these services running as well. Having an option for your patients to experience a virtual clinic experience also helps to provide a trustworthy environment for both sides, the patient and the doctor.

Helping our clinics give the best patient care journey to your patients is our motto.

If you are keen to find out how you can cope better in the clinic, feel free to reach out to us by clicking here.

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