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Why choose SGiMED?

Why choose SGiMED?

For the first newsletter of 2021, we will like to address some of the burning questions that you may have after reading our December Newsletter, as we have got multiple enquiries on what we offer at SGiMED, that separates us from others, as well as allow our clinics to leverage on to better improve their day to day operations.

This 2021, our team at SGiMED will be even more active with helping our existing clinics, as well as new clinics, get onboard with us. Some of you may be wondering, what is so special about us, and what makes some many medical groups/ clinics come to us, so here are top 5 reasons why we are favoured as opposed to other vendors in the market!

1) Dedicated Customer Support – Always frustrated that you cannot reach anyone when you have issues?

Fret not, over here at SGiMED, we value customer support as one of our core principles. Whatsapp Groupchat/ Phone Support/ Ticketing System are just some of the options we have that we offer to our clinics to ensure they can get the support they need during working hours.

2) Flexible & Personalized Configurations – Always wanted your personalized consultation templates? Fancy different types of configurations readily available for different type of users?

With SGiMED’s Hummingbird E-Clinic, you can freely configure things just the way you want!

3) Customisable CMS for Better Medical Group Management – We totally understand that different Medical Groups runs their operations differently, and with that being said, our experienced team of developers at SGiMED can help you achieve your dream system of running your group’s practices in the best way possible!

4) Striving For Continuous Improvement To Match Up With Technological Advancements – In this everchanging domain, as a clinic management provider, we always keep up to the necessary requirements to make sure our clinics can keep up with national requirements(For e.g CHAS/Medisave/VCDSS integrations, as well as lab integrations.

Therefore you do not need to worry that you will “phase out” due to lack of updates!

5) Well-Secured CMS to protect your important data – Over at SGiMED, we offer different options that our clinics can readily apply within their clinics. By applying these additional preventive measurements, the clinic can better protect their data as well, which is extremely crucial for the clinics.

At SGiMED, we are also constantly on the lookout to better improve ourselves, to make sure our clinics can run their operations with a peace of mind.

Above are some of the reasons why clinics/medical groups prefer us. If you have different questions or pain points that you faced with your existing vendors, feel free to engage us for a discussion session.

We believe your existing pain points can all be resolved with our software and service!

(P.S. We have migrated all major systems in Singapore, you name it, we have done it!)

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