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Your Answers To The Burning Questions on SGiMED's Telemedicine

Your Answers To The Burning Questions on SGiMED’s Telemedicine

With our telemedicine being launched, we are getting a lot of enquiries and clinics expressing their interest in this feature.

To explain better, let us address some of the most frequently asked questions that was enquired by most of the clinics for your information!

1. What is the differentiation between SGiMED’s Telemedicine and other vendors out there?

Our telemedicine feature is the only one that embeds telemedicine with a Clinic management system(CMS). So, you can use your CMS to do the tele-consult with your patients!

But most importantly, you can refer to your patient notes and key in new notes right away. No more issues with having to think of how to transfer the notes back to your CMS. Also, you do not have to worry that your notes are kept elsewhere apart from your CMS.

2. Will there be additional fees for this Telemedicine/Teleconsult feature?

Right now, we are offering this service to all our clinics. As long as you are using Hummingbird E-Clinic.

3. Will patients be able to do teleconsultation with me even if they are not from my clinic previously?

No, our telemedicine app is for clinics to offer this additional service for them

4. Will the patients be able to call/text me out of the blue while I’m busy?

No, patients will have to make appointments with your clinic first before the teleconsultation. SMS/Email notifications will be then sent out to the patients.

When the times comes for the appointment, only the doctors/staff can initiate the calls to the patients. This is to prevent any possible spammed calls or message to our doctors.

5. How do I get the drugs delivered to my patient’s after the teleconsultation?

We have a few vendors that we have currently liaised with, and they can help you handle the delivery with affordable cost for your clinic.

6. How will I receive the payment from my patients after the consult?

There are quite a few ways clinics can get their patients to complete their payment. Clinics can simply send out payment links via PayPal or a Paynow account that is registered with your clinic.

By the beginning of July, patients can also pay via credit cards.

Another way would be our delivery partner will help you collect the cash payment and consolidate a monthly payment back to you.

7. Can our system be integrated with your SGiMED’s Telemedicine?

Our telemedicine is exclusive for our clinics that are currently operating on Hummingbird E-clinic.

But if you are already considering a switch to a new system, we can assist you and you can start to benefit from the features that we offer!

SGiMED has successfully converted all the major CMS in Singapore before.

If you’re interested to know more not just about this telemedicine, but our CMS as a whole, feel free to drop us an email at and our respective staff will attend to your enquiries!

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